Collaborative Library/Museum Poem

Exquisite Corps Poems

written in the Dress Matters gallery

at Tucson Museum of Art, 11/12/17

by a Pima County Public Library writing workshop

First lines  from an Owl & Panther poem inspired by the same art


After Nick Cave’s Soundsuit, 2006

Year flashes in lightening and sparkle dark flowers

Flowers galore, sparkly, beaded, all exquisite

Exquisite fits

Fits of euphoria, drama, sparkle surrounds the unseen figure,

walking on feet guided by swirling stars

Stars dazzle with their absurd excess

Excess is sensuous bright colors, delightful

Delightful in color but not in shape, oh well, what is?



After Angela Ellsworth’s Seer Bonnet XIX (Flora Ann), 2011

Pretty, spiky, dangerous, scary – makes me want to Touch.

Touch, don’t touch, touch, don’t touch – beauty is on the fingers of the beholder

Beholder of millions of shiny beads and pins

Pins, 24,182 pearl corsage pins fill a shoe box

Box upon box of carefully pinned pearls;

Pearls of beauty, pearls of wisdom

Wisdom pinned sharp as steel

Steel strength flows in ribbons

Ribbons and pins, dangerous daggers



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